Let Us Run your Network

So you can run your business. Add up the tangible costs of global network management such as the hardware, software, applications, facilities and IT staff. You could be facing millions of dollars in expenses for what could turn out to be a tenuous system. Plus, in New York City, you could incur high additional charges for outside expertise when you need updates and service or have to hire and train new staff.

And what about those intangible costs?
  • Data Breaches
  • Dissatisfied Customers
  • Lost productivity from downtime

Thorn is ready to step in as your integrated network solutions management partner for small business, medium-size businesses and large, global enterprises.

We offer enterprises around the world including:
  • 100% network uptime with custom connectivity
  • Complete cloud computing solutions for any size enterprise
  • Server admin and support to keep mission-critical apps running smoothly
  • Maximum-security construction and knowledgeable experts to correct problems before infrastructure damage
  • Exclusive use of enterprise level dedicated servers and hardware
  • Guaranteed secure and environmentally controlled facilities
  • Custom web-based infrastructure support
  • Continuous monitoring to reduce costs and risks of network deployment 

Take Full Control of your IT

...and your bottom line. Since its founding in 1994, Thorn has become a recognized pioneer in the colocation market and one of the world’s leading managed hosting providers of integrated hosting and Internet services. As partner to a growing list of prominent companies worldwide, we provide a highly secure infrastructure and a wide range of integrated services so you can confidently implement your online strategies.

Learn What an Effective Managed Service Provider Can Do

...and how much more productive your team can becomeThorn offers an array of managed services, including:

  • Metro Ethernet
  • Ethernet over fiber
  • Cloud services
  • MPLS/VPLS Networks
  • Other managed/professional IT services supported by our staff and real-time monitoring

Our high availability, fault-tolerant and redundant network will let us manage yours so you don’t have to.Your communications infrastructure should support your business goals, not distract you and your employees from reaching them. Thorn has the ideal solution for you and your network.Let Thorn focus on your communications network so you can get back to your core business and strategic objectives.

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