With Thorn’s dedicated servers, you’ll feel like you have a fully functioning and staffed server room just down the hall.

What is a Dedicated Server

It’s as if you bought a server yourself, but at significantly less cost: Only your company can use a dedicated server, so you can add applications and configure security to your precise specifications. Plus, you can ensure that all the power of your server is dedicated to your website. Best of all, with a Thorn managed dedicated server, you can operate as though you have your own IT staff hidden away in an on-site server room … a very safe and secure room. You can choose from different configurations for your dedicated server needs. Just contact us and we can customize a system just for you

Full Backup & Recoverys

If you want us to manage your dedicated server we provide a comprehensive backup strategy:

  • Full weekly backups of your website, database and files
  • Daily incremental backups
  • Backups saved for two weeks for full data recovery and restoration or as long as you need, depending on your needs.

Virtual Hosting

If you don’t need a dedicated server, Thorn can host your website and /or server on one of our enterprise-grade vmware virtual platforms.

We also offer

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