Outsource the Worry with a Managed Dedicated Server and Services

Salaries and benefits for a full-time IT staff member can easily exceed $150,000 per employee. And what happens when they leave the company with all the workarounds and unresolved issues in their head? Instead of hiring your own IT personnel, use a Thorn managed dedicated server and take advantage of the depth and breadth of IT experts on Thorn’s Managed Services staff. You’ll never have to suspend your mission-critical applications again.

What is Managed Services?

Managed services are any IT-related service that can be taken care of, or managed, by Thorn: your network, infrastructure, cloud, desktop support, server backup and administration, and more. An effective managed services provider lets you and your team turn more attention to R&D, customer support and strategic plans, areas where their expertise is most needed.

Thorn offers an array of managed services, including Metro Ethernet, Ethernet over fiber, cloud services, real-time monitoring and other managed/professional IT services: temporary connections for satellite staff, temporary and secure Wi-Fi for conferences or internal meetings off-site, and a managed IT support desk. From small business to large business enterprises, we have services to improve your productivity and bottom line.

Why Thorn's Managed Services?

Since 1994, we’ve been a leader in innovative managed services. Businesses of every size use Thorn to establish a secure infrastructure with custom integrated services.

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Use a managed dedicated server and get the depth and breadth of IT experts on our Managed Services staff without the high cost of your own IT personnel.

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